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Turning concepts into reality

For the past decade, TAICT has been involved with various Solid Waste Management projects, and has brought together all its learnings to create the Ecogram project. This project is an experiment in creating a model community by implementing the law and best practices through dedicated planning and leadership.


The project commenced in June 2016 towards addressing issues of waste management, soil and water depletion in one of the panchayats in North Bangalore. We’re bringing together community members, local governance and investors in the area to participate in a circular economy that nurtures and replenishes natural resources while also providing for the daily needs of residents and ensuring sustainability for future generations.
End-to-end waste management collection and transportation has been set up in 8 villages and 12 bulk generators that is ethical and ensures maximum resource recovery. Five years into the project, the government of Karnataka has allocated land to our project to set up an Integrated Material Recovery Facility (MRF) that we call 'EcoHub'.


We promote soil rejuvenation through the adoption of traditional agricultural techniques and the cultivation of sustainable alternatives to eucalyptus plantations. We also have a number of complementary initiatives such as promoting environment friendly menstruation options, the use of compostable / eco-friendly cutlery instead of plastic disposables, improvement of women’s livelihood through the sale of indigenous food products, and children’s education and awareness through our in-house guide to waste management, all of which serve to increase community engagement and civic awareness within the area. 


Read more about our journey here.

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