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Our waterways are irreplaceable.
Let’s save them.

"This is India only!" How many times have we either made this statement or heard this statement? And with this giving up on any betterment?  


In our opinion, any Tech Park, Gated Community, Institution, Army Camp is testimony that this statement is not true at all.  What we are lacking in an urban scenario is strict implementation of governance, and that has to do with all of us and the will to do our individual bit, to make Bengaluru the heaven it used to be. Blessed with one of the best climates in the whole world and beautiful people from all over, this city has the potential to be the most attractive city in India.  


Our forefathers surely put in some extra planning and effort to achieve this goal.  Since Kempe Gowda in the 16th Century various rulers constructed lakes all over the city connected by storm water drains, to take care of rainfall and surface runoff, and the same time replenish the lakes and balance out water supply.


Today the city of Bengaluru is in a crisis to protect and maintain this beautiful network of lakes and waterways, as the fast growth in the last 3 decades has put the entire system in jeopardy.  What we see around us most of the time is that OUR – "Namma" WATERWAYS – "Jalamarga" are clogged up with filth, polluted with sewage or encroached upon instead of using this beautiful system as what it is supposed to be. Other cities around the world use their canal systems to bring them joy, why can’t we?


Waterways polluted with solid waste and sewage.


Waterways have



Excess rain.

Where does rainwater go?

In an effort to address this problem, the Namma Jalamarga Campaign aims to build awareness throughout our community and to bring attention to the fact that not only does the law prohibit the dumping of solid waste and sewage into Stormwater Drains , it is completely against our own interest as citizens to misuse our waterways as dumpyards.  Namma Jalamarga aspires to celebrate the foresight of Bengaluru’s predecessors who designed this network of Lake Chains and Kaluves as a means to manage water most efficiently throughout the city. 

The city was built on a remarkable strategy that utilises the natural watershed, to balance and replenish the city’s water supply. The Namma Jalamarga campaign endeavours to foster collective ownership and participation by all of the city’s residents and officials, to restore the Stormwater Drain system, and make our predecessors’ strategy effective again. The campaign showcases the important connection between water, its path, and the well-being of the community surrounding it. We hope that our Rajakaluves will again be a source of Kannadiga pride.

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  • Ensure solid waste is handed over to authorized collectors and not dumped into the Stormwater Drains.

  • Hire authorized service providers for Solid Waste and for Construction and Demolition Waste.

  • If BBMP is not collecting your waste, contact your ward health inspector directly by visiting

  • Create awareness amongst employees/residents to prevent dumping into the Stormwater Drains.

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  • Check with the local authority (BWSSB/Panchayat) to apply for sewage connections.

  • Ensure the property treats wastewater as per the KSPCB rules and the sewage is not let out into Lakes and Stormwater Drains. Learn more here.  

  • BWSSB: 24/7 Helpine - 1916 

  • Sewers and Septic Tank - 14420 

  • Contact Janspandana at 1902

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  • Check with your local authority (BBMP/ Panchayat) for Stormwater Drain locations and buffer zone requirements, as per Revised Master Plan and/or village maps here.

  • Ensure that the project’s Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) identifies the Stormwater Drains in and around the property.

  • Conduct legal due diligence to ensure compliance with all court orders including The National Green Tribunal (NGT).

  • To contact BBMP

    • Whatsapp number - +919480685700

    • Contact Janspandana at 1902

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