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TAICT is an incubator and powerhouse for good ideas that create social change

TAICT believes that collective action, with the right resources and leadership, can achieve great heights. It seeks to enable and empower individuals to improve the lives of Indian citizens by offering strategic, financial and legal support while maintaining a discreet profile.

TAICT is focussed on issues relating to the environment, governance, and livelihood, as a means to improve the everyday lives of citizens. It wants to take part in shaping the future of India, by revisiting our cultural values that traditionally have always prioritised the preservation of nature.  The original Indian culture has now, more than ever, relevance to our day to day life, we need to dig deep into our collective memory and follow the path of our elders, who had so much wisdom.


To secure the rights of all to clean air, water and soil.

Concerned with the lack of accountability and ownership over depleting natural resources and alarming rates of environmental pollution, TAICT looks to address basic issues of the environment, health and hygiene through simple, practical solutions.
We believe that a good solution requires a distinctive idea, executed by the right people at the right time.

However, there is often a disparity in the idea and its end result. TAICT distinguishes itself from other instruments of change in that it is focussed on thorough, high quality execution of projects by uniting a strong sense of commitment, thoughtful design and attention to detail.


Our journey to reach our goals

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