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Knowledge is power

Applied knowledge creates change

Understanding and managing resources will be one of the major challenges in the future.  At TAICT we believe that we have a responsibility to equip our children with suitable knowledge to face these threats.  For this purpose we have come out with a series called TRASHONOMICS,  which is a play on the words “Trash” and “Economics”.  The first booklet is a study of solid waste and its environmental, health and financial impact. Children are the best change-makers and this school program aims to empower them to lead the change by redefining the recent narrative on waste as something to be thrown away.  Traditionally India has always been a recycling society, however fast growth and consumerism have completely debilitated these old traditions.  We need to revive them and bring them into modern context.  The second booklet is on wastewater management, which concerns water consumption and management. 

In the year 2020, we collaborated with WWF India to create solid waste management videos for their 'One Earth, One Home' program for schools. These videos were translated into 9 different languages.


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