TAICT is an incubator and powerhouse for good ideas that create social change

TAICT believes that collective action, with the right resources and leadership, can achieve great heights. It seeks to enable and empower individuals to improve the lives of Indian citizens by offering strategic, financial and legal support while maintaining a discreet profile.

TAICT is focussed on issues relating to the environment, governance, and livelihood, as a means to improve the everyday lives of citizens. It wants to take part in shaping the future of India, by revisiting our cultural values that traditionally have always prioritised the preservation of nature.  The original Indian culture has now, more than ever, relevance to our day to day life, we need to dig deep into our collective memory and follow the path of our elders, who had so much wisdom.


To secure the rights of all to clean air, water and soil

Concerned with the lack of accountability and ownership over depleting natural resources and alarming rates of environmental pollution, TAICT looks to address basic issues of the environment, health and hygiene through simple, practical solutions.
We believe that a good solution requires a distinctive idea, executed by the right people at the right time.

However, there is often a disparity in the idea and its end result. TAICT distinguishes itself from other instruments of change in that it is focussed on thorough, high quality execution of projects by uniting a strong sense of commitment, thoughtful design and attention to detail.


Diversity makes us strong​

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Myriam brings over 25 years of experience as a project manager of large scale international projects and has worked as part of senior leadership teams in the fields of logistics, strategy, supply chain management, online and offline business processing, cost allocation modelling, risk management, compliance, audit, and event management.

She unites her skill of ‘matchmaking’ exceptional individuals and teams with her ability to propel purposeful thought and action to create social and environmental change and has made a name for herself in the solid waste management space in Bangalore. 

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Archana is a computer science engineer with over a decade experience in IT Healthcare in USA. She moved back to Bengaluru in 2012 and has ever since dedicated her career to the cause of environmental sustainability. As a member of Solid Waste Management Round Table, she has led the 2bin1bag.in campaign and is also instrumental in the development of SwachaGraha.in campaign.

She is the co-author and the driver of the Trashonomics school program that aims to empower children to become responsible citizens of tomorrow.


"TAICT provides a solid organizational support to take our projects to the next level. The team consists of like-minded individuals who are passionate about the social cause but also understand the need to work in a structured environment".




Pavithra is a graduate of liberal arts from Kuvempu University, Shimoga. Her interests lie in public service, especially with regard to the environment and the responsible use of natural resources so as to minimise damage to environment, and to ensure these resources are available for future generations. She is also attempting to solve problems in the field of agriculture using traditional, organic and permaculture principles so as to promote economic, social and environmental sustainability. 


"TAICT is a mothership and we are the children who work with determination towards becoming a caregiver for the upcoming generations with a comprehensive knowledge of environmental resources. TAICT is a long-lasting cycle of mother and child that keeps giving back to society and the environment forever."

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Roshitha has been working as a design lead for over 12 years with renowned international and national denim wear and sportswear Brands. Formally trained as a Fashion designer steadily started curating ideas for social and environmental impact. Through her work she wants to influence people to make better lifestyle choices for building a sustainable, cleaner and greener India .


"Working with TAICT is a hands-on experience, you get to the ground and get your hands dirty, to make a real impact . I love working here because I have seen genuine enthusiasm in the team to impact change and that spirit is honestly infectious."

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Priyanktha is a designer and has been associated with the fashion industry for over 20 years. She has worked with various national and international brands and handled portfolios across genders and categories. Her passion for sustainable and functional design led to the birth of a sustainable and performance-focused yoga gear brand (Proyog). She also works with 30 Cents consulting where she heads the workshops division, mentoring and training young designers to succeed in the ever-changing design and retail landscape.

"For me as a designer, the end goal is to solve a problem. With TAICT I have had the opportunity to work on aspects of design that are seeking far greater impact than anything else I have ever worked on. It's exciting and new and there is a lot to learn"

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Kiri Meili is a certified permaculture practitioner living in Bangalore. After studying Environmental Social Sciences at the University of Kent, she worked in Mumbai at The Health Awareness Centre in their Earth Care department, exploring the links between connecting to nature and caring for our own health and wellbeing. Today she is dedicated to designing and creating regenerative farms and gardens with a focus on local species, soil restoration and water management


"TAICT is willing to experiment and take risks, to treat experiences as opportunities for growth and learning, and to adapt when things turn out differently from how they first expected. 

These are valuable attitudes when working in the fields of social and ecological change, and TAICT instils this in the many people it works with, myself included.